What are the benefits of YEP COIN ?

1) Security and speed of Transactions ( Quark )

2) For send, no need to log in to your account constantly via a password, your ID YEP is sufficient.

3) For Buy, Avoid time-consuming online registrations, And the registration of the payment card with the risk of piracy

4) You can sell whatever you want through all the social networks

5) You can increase your earnings through staking Reward 20%

6) You can more increase your earnings through Masternode Reward 80%

7) You have a currency that evolves with time

8) You can send cents and well below cents

9) You can send Yep Coin anonymously

10) Where you can insert an url you can receive

11) No need to buy YEP COIN, to receive YEP COIN.

12) No obligations, No commitments, You have the choice to insert or not yours Id YEP in your publications.

And Finally : Contribute as best as you can to help or support the project or person of your choice.

So… do you want to be part of this project?