Expected Evolution

Team Composition:

The current team consists :

  • One Webmaster
  • One developer
  • One communication specialist
  • Two Marketing specialists
  • One Designer

Premine: Project Jackpot

The project foresees a YEP COIN reserve of 2,600,000 of YEP COIN in order to invest in the continuity of the project.

Investments are planned to advance the project example:

-Exchange Platform ( Bittrex,CoinExchange and More )

-Advertising Marketing




-New recruits

This reserve will be controlled exclusively by the project manager.

Each expense will be justified and communicated to the team by the project manager.

What are the advantages of YEP COIN?

For users:

  • No obligation to purchase from YEP COIN to receive YEP COIN
  • With YEP COIN, you can also send pennies.
  • Possibility to send anonymously
  • You can post your YEP ID as a URL in your publications or on your social network profiles.
  • Possibility to receive at any time the YEP COIN from anywhere in the world.
  • Only one subscription is enough to send to anyone who offers YEP COIN.
  • No more repetitive registration, only one registration for all transactions.
  • A currency that will evolve over time
  • Secure Transactions that are faster than Bitcoin. Bitcoin = 20 minute
  • The possibility to use the Staking with a reward of 20%
  • The possibility to use the Masternodes with a reward of 80%

For Sellers and Businesses:

  • No need to invest in infrastructure (domain name, host) or Website to sell your products.
  • A simple wallet (small program) is enough to receive your first YEP COIN.
  • No need for big server to carry out mining; we made this choice for ethical and ecological reasons.
  • The wallet to receive YEP COIN is free
  • You can use and operate social networks to receive your YEP COIN and sell your products to the whole world.
  • In order not to lose the currency exchange, due to the fluctuation of currency prices, you can set your price in fiduciary currency. An update of the change in YEP COIN is done automatically in real time.
  • The currency YEP COIN evolves over time.
  • Fast shopping without the need to register in your website.
  • A user who has a YEP ID, can send to all companies and sellers who accepts the currency YEP COIN. 
  • Sends secure and fast Transactions are faster than Bitcoin.

                        Bitcoin = 20 minutes

  • You know exactly who sent you from YEP COIN.( if it was not anonymous  )

Statistics Key figures:

What is the goal? :

Our target groups:

-Major people



The Evolutions:

The project foresees several short-term or long-term evolutions.


Retrieving data from URLs (YEP ID)

With YEP COIN, it is very easily possible to insert a YEP ID (URL) via differ usage through chat applications and social networking.

Texto ( SMS )



All Social Network

This will change the uses and give the opportunity to sell or buy a product from any social network and application.

Before this, users were redirected to a website and had to register.

Now only one subscription offers the possibility to send and receive YEP COIN from around the world.

The information retrieved from the YEP IDs, will bring new data uses and new trends of purchase and sale to the pleasure for applicants.

The data recovered over time will be stored, filtered and offered for sale.


Each user having a yep ID has a page, in which he can receive YEP COIN.

This page will be filled with a banner ad in a preset format, the user has a choice whether or not to advertise.

This advertisement will allow users to obtain an income supplement.

This will give an additional reason to choose YEP COIN, the earnings reported will be exclusively reserved for users.

The YEP COIN project will not get any profits from the gains exploited by this advertisement.

The advertising market is booming, but currently there is only few Web pages that offer to insert advertising.

Each user is a page, and the more registrations, the more pages will be for the advertising agency.

This will make the advertising agencies satisfied, but also users who will have with it another income source.


Each user having a yep ID, has a page, in which he can receive YEP COIN.

Before Evolution

This page will be customizable, so that it is unique for the user, the seller or the company.

Customizable additions will be targeted:

Background Image

Added a link to:

1. Website

2. Youtube Channel

3. Tweeter

4. Facebook

5. and others…

Adding banner Advertising

After Evolution
Availability Booking Calendar
Sell and Buy Song Project

Mobile Application

A mobile Application is planned to produce in order to increase the use of YEP COIN, but also in order to exploit the NFC in the objective of non-contact payments.

It will give the possibility to scan the Barcode of article, in order to accelerate the purchase and to avoid the long queue at the checkout.

The user scans a garment or clothing in a store, pays the item and will have two choices to recover his purchases.

            Pick it up directly at the counter, with proof of purchase in Qrcode

            Have your purchases delivered, by a delivery on bicycle man or other delivery,    example (Uber, Deliveroo) with proof of purchase in QrCode

>>>This has the goal of accelerating the purchase, avoiding the long queue that discourages people to buy, and also  keeping the user’s hands empty.

Wallet Company

Companies will have a lighter wallet in functionality:

No Masternodes

No stacking

Maybe a web wallet

It would be unfair to leave its options with the sales volume potential that these companies can reap.